London International Choral Festival Grand Finale Concert
Central Hall, Westminster London, SW1H 9NH
7.45pm, 02nd January 2018

This magnificent Viennese Baroque Wesleyan Methodist church and Memorial Hall was built on the site of the Royal Aquarium.

It was funded by public donations from the Methodist congregation as part of the 20th Century Fund which marked the centenary of the church’s founder, John Wesley’s death in 1791. Since its inauguration in 1912 it has housed the headquarters of the church, until 2000, a meeting place, lecture theatre and music venue open for all. The Great Hall with its spectacular self-supporting central dome has numerous nationally and internationally significant events over the years most notably the first ever UN General Assembly in 1946.

Performers for 2018 are:

St Paul's Episcopal High School Chorale 

South Fork High School Carillon Singers

Edmond Memorial High School Choir

Edmond Santa Fe High School Choir

Ravencroft School Concert Choir

All accompanied by the Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra

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